Best Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas. How to Wallpaper your Ceiling Like A Pro

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Written By Jim J Neal

Noe DeWittWallpaper can be a wonderful (and often overlooked!) design element. Design elements that instantly add color, personality and art to your space. Many of us are afraid that too much color or pattern might overwhelm in these ultra-bright white spaces.
This isn’t an unfounded fear. The wrong wallpaper in the wrong place can make you feel like you are transported back in time. There are many options for wallpaper design. Another creative idea you may not have thought of? It can be mounted on your ceiling.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard.Tim Street Porter. You’ve likely seen ceilings painted in a different color than white. But have you ever seen the impact a bright pattern on a ceiling? Two ceiling designers shared their top tips and tricks with us.

Why you should wallpaper a ceiling

Lori Paranjape, a Nashville-based wallpaper designer, says that wallpaper can transform spaces more effectively than paint. Pranjape added a bold leopard print wallpaper (Schumacher’s Iconic Leopard Ink) to the ceiling of the study. This allowed Pranjape to inject personality and color into the space without affecting the all-white theme throughout the house. She says, “The ceiling was our opportunity to be bold and brave without becoming a distraction for other spaces.”

Design by Studio DB.Matthew Williams She explains that ceilings are often a very clean canvas for patterns.
Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design in Maryland, was inspired to wallpaper the ceiling of her kitchen-adjacent pantry’s ceiling with wallpaper. Farrow and Ball’s Ranelagh wallpaper was perfect for this small space with tall cabinets, many doors and a window. Another beautiful space is the archway at the entrance, which can be used as a wallpaper moment from floor-to-ceiling.

Design by GRT Architects.Nicole Franzen”Architecturally, it works best to have nice clean ceiling geometries:(square, rectangle, etc. Subaran says that it is important to have clean ceiling geometries (square, rectangle, etc. .).”). Subaran’s firm focuses on kitchens, as well as the accompanying serving pantries and dining areas. She says that kitchens are often too complex to be wallpapered. You can “offer an unexpected and special detail by adding a splash of color and pattern to adjoining rooms,” Subaran says. It’s also a great way for formal details to be added.

How to install wallpaper on a ceiling

Peter MurdockAfter you have decided to wallpaper, you need to narrow down your choices. Subaran says that choosing wallpaper is like selecting the right jewelry to go with an outfit. How do you ensure that you choose the right wallpaper?
Paranjape says that her best way to choose the right wallpaper for a space is to first determine why she wants it. Is it adding vibrancy and color to the space? Are you adding texture or an unexpected whimsical moment? Or a surprising, whimsical moment?
Once you have a clear idea of the type and color of the paper you want, there are some other things that you should consider. This includes the direction in which you will run it. Subaran says that if a room is long and narrow we prefer to run a pattern perpendicularly or choose a pattern with no clear direction. “We don’t want to reinforce the bowling alley feeling.”

Ngoc Minh NgoIf your ceiling doesn’t already have crown molding, it is a great method to create a defined ceiling and separate it from the walls. Subaran suggests that a second-story room with slanted ceilings could be made more interesting by wallpapering the ceiling and walls in the same paper. This will create unity.
Paranjape recommends calling the professionals when it comes time to install. She says that wallpaper got a bad rap because of the way it was installed and how badly it was taken down. (Oh, and here’s our wallpaper removal guide, in case you need any assistance.
There are many removable and self-adhesive wallpaper options available that can be easily removed and left behind if you don’t want to do it yourself. Check out our top picks:

Red Zebra $5.00

Artemis WallpaperHouse Of Hackney X William $298.00

Femme WallpaperDrop it $180.00 and Starry Night SkyLathe $2,021.00

Scenic Tree Toile Removeable Wallpaper $10.00

Dock Stripe WallpaperSerena & $118.00

Lily Removable WallpaperUrban $59.00

Cloud Print WallpaperWest $150.00

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