Courtney Allison’s Romantic Attic Renovation

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Written By Jim J Neal

Many people overlook attics and think they are just storage space. However, you can make your attic a charming retreat with a few simple changes.

Once, our attic was such a place. It was a place for lost boxes back then. With a little bit of effort and some storybook magic, it became a charming spot to daydream and store childhood relics.

The narrow staircases are now covered with a simple, white enamel paint that can withstand a little wear and scuffing. In the warmer months, you’ll find books and jars full of flowers lining them. A room with delicate French-style sconces and one-plank walls awaits at the top of the stairs.

A French antique daybed is found in the corner. There are also baskets of fabrics that can be reimagined, and a dollhouse from childhood being renovated little by little. The attic is more than just a place to store out-of-season decor or vintage clothes. The attic is a place that encourages quiet and provides a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the house.

These are some of the elements that bring life to my attic.

Darling Daybed

The antique daybed is covered in floral ticking strips and has a soft color palette. It also features a chippy-painted finish. While the muted color blends in well with the vintage style of this room, it adds that French charm that I love.

Antique Chair

An old, teal velvet-covered chair that was found in a thrift store years ago. Although the velvet is a bit faded and worn, it is still in good condition. The frame is chipping with gilded paint, but I love its simplicity and originality.

Romantic Lighting

French and curvy, the sconces lighten the gabled eaves and provide extra lighting for reading.

Courtney Allison is a blogger and editor at Romantic Homes Magazine. She is also the author of French Country Cottage. For more on Courtney, visit

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