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Rejuvenation You should create separate rooms outside that have a distinct purpose and feel, just like you do with your home’s interior.
Rejuvenation has everything you need to decorate your outdoor space, whether it’s a large backyard or an apartment patio. Rejuvenation is committed to making pieces that are thoughtfully made. You can be more satisfied with a statement rug made from 100% recycled-polyester yarn, and a sectional made from FSC-certified wood from responsibly managed forest.
Rejuvenation has teamed up to Yardzen, a leading online landscaping design and build company, to help you create the perfect patio. Although choosing the right furniture is important in setting the scene, Kevin Lenhart (design director at Yardzen) advises that you look beyond aesthetics to find outdoor pieces that can last for many seasons. This will give you an eco-friendly oasis.
Are you ready to create the environment of your dreams? Lenhart shares his expertise on picking the right essentials and some favorites from Rejuvenation.

Quality furniture that lasts a lifetime is the best choice

Rejuvenation No matter the size of your outdoor space, Lenhart emphasizes the importance of purchasing “in sturdy and comfortable pieces that you can feel good about.”
Furniture that is broken down or worn out can be replaced. This will increase the amount of waste going to landfills. He says it’s better to purchase quality furniture and keep it for the long-term.
Rejuvenation’s outdoor furniture is not only high-quality, but also uses FSC-certified wood. This means that they are responsible-managed teak forests that conserve wildlife, protect clean water, and respect local communities.

Bayocean Side Chair $479.00

This chair was made with “super durable” aluminum alloy and teak. Lenhart notes that it will last many years. You’ll be happy to continue taking a seat in this mid-century-inspired chair.

Jasper Teak Sectional Sofa $5,597.00

This three-piece sofa is made from durable and quick-drying fabric that won’t get stained by sun or mildew. Six plush cushions provide a comfortable place for everyone to relax.

Ronde Teak Dining Table $2,049.00

This table has been pre-treated with a water-based teak protection. It is designed to withstand the elements and age into a beautiful silvery patina.

Henry Settee $1.349.00

Equal parts modern and classic, this perfect-for-your-porch cast aluminum favorite is painted and sanded by hand.

LED lighting for dimmer illumination

Rejuvenation Keep your outdoor spaces glowing even after the sun goes down by adding layers to lighten key areas and create ambiance. A strong overhead light paired with wall fixtures is a must for the front porch–Rejuvenation’s Carson collection is a versatile favorite (it’s one of many lighting lines assembled to order at their Portland, Oregon, factory)–while path lights add illumination for safe navigation after dark.
Lenhart recommends that other areas of the yard be lit less frequently. A rhythm of brighter and darker spaces creates drama in the landscape.
A few carefully placed uplights at the base or rear of trees can be a great way to highlight garden features or architectural elements. He says that it’s a case of less is more. “The smaller the number, the greater their impact.”

Boyleston LED Light Path Sets $189.00

Lenhart loves the modern style and minimalistic silhouette of these brass path lamps. Lenhart suggests placing them every 15 feet, or “tucking them into the planting.”

Carson 12″ Wall Sconce 319.00

This fixture is completely customizable and can be customized with any shade style, size or color you choose. It was inspired by early 1900s industrial warehouse lighting. Lenhart points for casting the beam downwards, which prevents glare. For greater energy efficiency, choose an LED lightbulb.

Condor Modern LED Ceiling Fan $649.00

This sleek, three-blade porch fan has a shining star: The inset LED light. It uses 75 percent less energy than an incandescent and lasts 25x longer than an incandescent. It can last for up to 20,000 hours.

Ormandy Wall Sconce 759.00

This hand-blown glass shade and brass shade adds a touch of international flair to your home. It is available in nine metallic finishes. It’s inspired by mid-century Danish design and is assembled and finished by hand at Rejuvenation’s Portland, Oregon factory.

Use recycled PET rugs to create zones

RejuvenationThink about your backyard as an open plan. Rejuvenation’s earth-friendly outdoor rugs are the ideal way to create “specific zones” within larger decks and paved areas, says Lenhart.
These rugs are made from 100% recycled polyester (PET), and handwoven in a variety of colors to anchor your space. They can also make your space feel more inviting and cozy. Lenhart says that the fun patterns are a great way to add personality, especially when they’re paired with simple paving.
They are also super easy to clean – just rinse them with a gardenhose as necessary.

Goodwin Indoor/Outdoor Rug $764.00

Lenhart loves this bright pick’s many hues but also its “sustainability pedigree”. It is made from 100% recycled polyester and “helps to divert our plastic waste from landfills and oceans.”

Dewey Indoor/Outdoor Flatweave Rug $849.00

This flatweave, which is handcrafted and made from recycled water bottles, can be reversible. It comes in black and white. It is made from recycled water bottles and requires a quick rinse with the garden hose for cleaning.

Risley Indoor/Outdoor Rug $475.00

Good shape: This recycled polyester geometric design is extremely durable, making it ideal for outdoor spaces with high traffic.

Kiel Indoor/Outdoor Rug $764.00

This piece, an architectural design in neutral colors, is the ideal building block to create a patio area. Lenhart suggests adding a single large planter to the corners to “emphasize the sense of an outdoor space.”

Planterscapes can be created with sturdy pots

A variety of greenery in all weather pots and planters can be used to rejuvenate any outdoor space. To create a welcoming, habitat-supportive space, choose fewer planters than several smaller ones. Lenhart says that a single large container can make a big impact in the yard. It also reduces clutter, allowing for more circulation.
Fill the container with native plants from the region. Lenhart says that they will thrive “with minimal fuss” and they also provide “unbeatable habitat value for local pollinators such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and other insects.

Jasper Rectangle Planter $589.00

This teak and aluminum piece is 38 inches wide by 18 inches deep. It can be used to create a beautiful plant picture. Lenhart recommends that you follow the spiller-filler, thriller formula. Lenhart suggests that you choose one species to hang above the edge, another to create a low foundation, and the final one to dominate the scene. It should be at least twice the height as the container.

Lang All-Weather Planter Trough $116.00

This industrial pick has a cool feature: The lightweight ficonstone material, which is frost-proof makes it suitable for outdoor use all year.

Brice Planter and Metal Stand $229.00

This pot is naturally porous and promotes drainage. It also helps to control temperatures.

Dell All-Weather Planter $15.00

Go big outside your home. Lenhart states that this ficonstone container can hold small trees such as Desert Willow or Howard McMinn Manzanita. This will attract pollinator species.

From: House Beautiful USA

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