How one couple turned their spare bedroom in to a luxurious bathroom

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Colin PooleEmma Gordon resides in a 15-century farmhouse near Halifax, with Andy, her husband, and their two children, Rudy (12 years old) and Bo (9 years). To create a spacious family space, they moved their cramped ground-floor bathroom upstairs.
HD: How did the project get started?
EG: After we had decided that we would move the bathroom upstairs we moved it to our spare bedroom. We only used it once as a guest room. To get to the bathroom, one had to pass through another bedroom. We had to create a corridor so it could be independent. Our builder built a stud wall around the door and installed a reclaimed one.
Are there any major repairs that were required?
A plumber was needed to install new pipes beneath the floorboards and feed them from the ground floor as we moved our bathroom into a bedroom. We had to make extra space for the pipework by raising the floor slightly. To support the cast-iron bath’s weight, steel lintels were added to the ground while this was being done. Because the house sits on a hillside and is quite old, we had to consider drainage issues. We decided to install a macerator toilet. We hid it in the corner because I didn’t want it being the first thing that you see when entering the room.

To tie in with the schemeColin poole, a freestanding cast iron bath was given a bright blue finish. It’s now a beautiful room that combines old and new.
This bathroom is quite large.
It’s only 8 feet by 14 inches. But it was easier in certain ways because there is a door in its middle and large windows, so you have a limit on where things can be placed. Although I knew that I wanted a freestanding bathtub as the main feature, the room is large enough to make it look lost if it was not in the middle. Because the door is located centrally, I didn’t want it to be a room with two halves. The fireplace is a beautiful old stone, so I chose to place the bath in front of it. It points in the room, which helps to pull everything together. We were able to fit a large shower after we had taken all the factors into consideration.

Simple design means easy cleaningColin Poole You chose bold style with statement wallpaper…
Interior designers love to push boundaries and experiment with new designs. This print caught my attention immediately and I was in love. It was a beautiful print that I could use on all the walls. The room is large and can handle it. I used a plain floor to balance the space and added different colors of blue to the bath and tiles.

The wall light in vintage style illuminates the sinkColin Poole and mirror.

To give the room its unique character, brick-shaped tiles were placed in a zigzag pattern by Colin Poole.
While I kept the original style of the house (which dates back to 15th century, has stone mullion windows), I wanted to give it a modern look that would bring it into the 21st Century. Mixing old and new is my favorite thing about the house. The combination of blue and white looks great together. The hot pink highlights add another dimension. The picture above the bath was something I had been looking at for some time. It seemed like the perfect place for it.

Colin Poole has used a beautiful old milking bench that was found in a shed to make a towel holder.

The space is well-suited for period-style fittingsColin PooleWhat was your biggest challenge?
It took five builders to lift the cast iron bath up the stairs.
Is there anything else you would do differently?
A beautiful vintage French chandelier would have looked great over my bath. But regulations prevented it. The rest of the home is exactly as we expected. It’s our favorite space in the house, and it works well for everyone.


This space was transformed from an unutilized bedroom to a functional and beautiful bathroom. It has a unique look thanks to the cast-iron bath, stone fireplace and striking wallpaper.

Neryhs Kwak


Paint PS60Wallpaper PS300Walltiles PS150Bath PS500RRadiatorPS49Shower screen and tray PS1,289Taps PlayStation249Floor tiles – Total = PS2,897

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