Pottery Barn Launches Grandmillenial Collection Together with Julia Berolzheimer

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Julia Berolzheimer, Pottery Barn’s Tastemaker, grew up on the farm of her grandparents. Her grandmother was known as the Queen of Roses. To continue that tradition, Julia Berolzheimer, multi-hyphenate blogger, teamed up with Pottery Barn to share the beauty of her green thumb. The products inspire her to entertain with grace, style and flair, and they include plenty of grandmillenial finds that will be perfect for the coming season. The romantic collection features vintage florals, blue-green hues, and scalloped edges. It will transport you to Charleston, South Carolina, where the laidback pace is a lot more relaxed.
“I wanted the collection feel like a fresh breath of air. Happiness. Sunshine. Berolzheimer states that you should feel as if you have taken hold of a sunny day, and brought it into your home.
The designs are delicate but the pieces can be used on their own. You can use the line to decorate every corner of your home with unique moments. There are soft-touch, machine-washable bedding and handblown glassware. The ultimate potting station will keep all your favorite gardening tools on display. Your guests will be impressed by the effort and thought that you have put into hosting.

Julia and her daughter, Clementine. Pottery BarnBerolzheimer sees the collaboration as an extension to herself. The collection even contains stunning tributes to Clementine, Marigold and her daughters. She wanted to embrace the things she used every day in her home as the foundation of the line. The pieces will be on our porch. We love to plant pots next to our stairs, and then rotate them throughout the year. She says it’s great to bring a little bit of nature into your home.

Pottery BarnThe price ranges from $22 to $1999. This means that there is a timeless touch for everyone. Don’t worry if your thumb is not so green! Berolzheimer recommends that you start by buying a small pot of flowers and then arrange them in one the sage-green planters.
She says, “It was amazing to see Pottery Barn’s product development expertise bring a flat image alive while proving how functional an object can be.” I’ve never made home pieces like these before. Fashion is my first exposure to CAD. I thought it was a great idea. It could work, I hope.
Grandmillenial-style products will elevate your life. They are durable and stylish, but also look great. You can easily incorporate high-quality products in your life, whether you’re looking for melamine plates for the kids or picnic blankets for chic organization. The line has a southern charm that will make it hard for shoppers to resist. Each piece creates a stunning vignette that shows what it’s like to make your yard a haven. It’s also built to last.
“The fashion industry is constantly changing. “Oh, that’s what I wore last week. What’s new for this week? Berolzheimer says that home is something you live every day. It’s so satisfying. This will be my bed for many years. It will be my only choice. It’s comforting to know that you are designing something durable.
Make new memories with some of the top picks from our collection:

Scalloped Handcrafted Lacquered TraysJulia Berolzheimer and Pottery Barn $39.50

Mae Handwoven Rattan basketsJulia Berolzheimer and Pottery Barn $149.00

Clementine Guest Towels Julia Berolzheimer, x Pottery Barn $22.00

Ivy Recycled Glass tumblers Julia Berolzheimer and Pottery Barn $48.00

Marigold Organic Shower CurtainJulia Berolzheimer and Pottery Barn $49.00

Cover for Marigold Reversible Cotton Duvet

Julia Berolzheimer Hattie table lampJulia Berolzheimer Pottery Barn $149.00

Poppy Handcrafted Terracotta PlantersJulia Berolzheimer x Pottery Barn $59.00

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