The Home Depot Launches Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Inflatables

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Written By Jim J Neal

The Home DepotThe Home Depot has already started to roll out their Halloween inventory. In addition to the beloved 12-foot Skeleton, they also have a new decoration, Hocus Pocus inflatables.

Home Depot 4.5-foot Hocus Pocus Sisters Scene inflatable $149.00 Two inflatables featuring the witches are available at Home Depot. The first depicts the three sisters holding hands while casting a spell or in an calming circle. The other shows Winifred Sanderson holding the pumpkin with the words, “Gather’Round Sisters.” The inflatable sisters trio is 6.5 feet in length and the Winifred decoration is 3.5 feet high.
ICYMI, the sequel to Hocus Pocus was officially announced last year and the trailer for it just a few short weeks ago. It’s clear that these beloved characters will be welcome every Halloween. However, this year they’ll be even more relevant.

Home Depot3.5 ft Hocus Pocus with Pumpkin Halloween $34.98 The two inflatables add to The Home Depot’s ever-growing Halloween decorations. We expect the two inflatables to sell out just weeks before Halloween. The Winifred inflatable retails at $35, while the trio of sisters sells for $149. The Home Depot has a great Halloween collection. But don’t forget to check out our top picks. They’ll sell quickly.

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Spirit Twins 6 ft $99.00Hannah JonesHannah Jonesis the Associate Commerce Editor at Country Living where she covers gift guide and other product recommendations.

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