These are the Top 25 White Paint Colours Designers Use

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Frank Frances StudioWhite is one of the most widely used paint colors on the spectrum. It’s a great choice for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. But choosing the right color for you and your space can be difficult. White isn’t only white. There are many undertones and nuances available. Just like any other color, it’s even harder to choose when you consider finishes and the lighting in your room.
Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball’s brand ambassador and color expert, says that “the color–or the noncolor–white” brings peace and calm to a space. It is the color of purity. This color allows you to project a clean, ordered space. You can layer artwork and furniture pieces well-curated or bring in bolder elements like fabric for sofas and drapes.
How do you choose the right paint color? Top designers have shared their top picks for white and the best places to use them. You’ll be able to spend less time trying to distinguish between two shades that are almost indistinguishable, and more time enjoying your space.

How to choose the perfect white paint color

Before you start looking at paint samples and swatching your walls, take stock of the space’s characteristics like how much light is coming in and out. O’Donnell suggests that whites with underlying reds or other warm undertones are best for north-facing rooms. Whites with cooler undertones can help to balance the intense light in a south-facing area.
Another thing to think about? Consider how the white you are considering will match your other colors. O’Donnell says that white trim and moldings should be matched to the wall color. “[For] a darker green like Green Smoke, you can use a slightly dirtier white with green undertones such as Old White from our traditional neutrals. This will create a soft contrast to a ‘true white’.
After you have determined the right white for your space, now it is time to look at these designer-approved top tones.

1) Sherwin Williams Snowbound SW 7004

Sherwin Williams Snowbound by Sherwin Williams Amy Leferink, Interior Impressions, says that it is one of her favorite whites. “It’s warm but not too yellow.” It has a very clear undertone, with no green, blue or pink hues. Although it will look true white alone, it will take on a greige tone if it is paired with other colors.
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2) Benjamin Moore Atrium White OC-145

Benjamin MooreLooking to find the right color for your kid’s room? Benjamin Moore’s Atrium White is a great choice for kids spaces. Michelle Gerson, designer, says that whites with a creamy tone will make your home feel calmer and more relaxing. Benjamin Moore’s Atrium White is a bit peach-toned.”
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3) Dunn Edwards Cool December DEW383

Dunn EdwardsThere is a reason Cool December by Dunn Edwards is Breegan Jane’s favorite white for the past 10 years. The designer shared that “[It] strikes a perfect balance and always seems able to do the trick for my,” This option is both cool and clinical.
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4) Sherwin Williams Moderne White SW 6168

Sherwin-WilliamsWhite is a foolproof option for your kitchen–and the cool undertones of Moderne White by Sherwin-Williams will look squeaky clean and pure. Designers Beth Dotolo of Pulp Design Studio and Carolina Gentry, Moderne White lovers, recommend pairing it with brighter colors to keep the look from becoming too boring. The duo explained that they like to give a twist to white kitchens with bold patterns or bright orange accents on the barstools.
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5) Benjamin Moore Ivory White, 925

Benjamin Moore. Pair your rich, wood finishes with Benjamin Moore’s Ivory White. This creamy white is backed by Christina Kim, the designer. Sometimes you need a creamy, but it can be difficult to find the right one. It is easy to get too yellow. [This is why] I love Benjamin Moore’s Ivory White.” This creamy white is best when the entire room is covered and the trim, walls and ceiling are painted in it.
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6) Benjamin Moore Snowfall White 2144–70

Benjamin MooreDon’t let the name fool you, Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White looks great in all climates. This hue is a crisp, icy, white color that will reflect the outside world. Kendall Wilkinson shares that Benjamin Moore Snowfall was used throughout the sky-high pied-a-terre to achieve the perfect crisp, icy white. You feel like you’re floating on a cloud when the San Franciscan fog rolls through.
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7) Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

Sherwin-WilliamsFor Joelle Smith: Identifying the right mood is key to finding the perfect color. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is the perfect choice if you want a welcoming, cozy space. Marian Louise Designs’ Mimi Meacham is also a fan. “It’s the perfect warm, fresh white. It’s not too creamy, but it still feels soft and crisp.” Are you ready to add contrast? Smith likes to pair Alabaster and Naval from Sherwin Williams.
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8) Benjamin Moore Oxford White CC-20

Benjamin Moore
Designer Stephanie Brown says Oxford White is a solid shade that can be used in both traditional and modern spaces. This hue is perfect for bright, clean rooms because it has the slightest cool tint. Mona Hajj says that it reads well on trims and walls. It has both natural and applied lighting that gives it a crisp, soft feel.
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9) Farrow & Ball School House White No. 291

Farrow & BallDesigner Cortney bishop swears by Farrow & Ball Schoolhouse White, a soft white that creates a warm and welcoming home. She shares that it is a timeless white that encourages old-world warmth. It also marries architectural features and materials with accent colors.
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Clare Snow Day

ELLE DecorLooking to find a shade that combines the best of both? This shade is available from Clare, a direct-to-consumer company. Nicole Gibbons says Snow Day is the perfect cool-white that doesn’t feel sterile. This is a great choice for a sunny room, or a bright white that can be paired with cool colors.

11) Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005

ELLE Decor
Pure White by Sherwin Williams is the best choice if you want to minimize hidden undertones of pinks, yellows and blues. Eileen Keshishian, designer, shares that Pure White by Sherwin-Williams is an elegant white. It creates a neutral backdrop and grounds the space. This allows your furniture to shine.
The best part? This white is a reliable choice that can be used anywhere. Joy Williams, a designer, shares that it has a soft and welcoming brightness. It looks great on trim, indoors or out, and it’s not too harsh. It looks great on kitchen cabinets.
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12) Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

Megan TatemThere are many reasons why Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is so popular in the design world. This warm white looks great in almost any setting. Emilie Munroe says that White Dove’s creamy undertone brings warmth to homes that are located in urban areas or in regions that experience gray skies and overcast skies. White Dove is a crisp white that doesn’t feel too modern or cold in traditional settings.
Christine Markatos and Kari Whitman are also fans. Bria Hammel is a fan. Maria Viola-Kuttruff, Viola Interior Design, is another fan.
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13) Benjamin Moore Simply White (OC-117).

American ArtistThe simple reason Benjamin Moore’s Simply white is so beloved by everyone is…well, it’s quite simple. Kristen Pena says Benjamin Moore Simply White is always a crowd pleaser. It’s warm and true, but it looks cozy in all spaces. Victoria Hagan prefers Simply White for kitchens, while Meridith Ber prefers it for darker rooms that receive little to no natural sunlight. Chauncey Boothby can apply Simply White to the trim and walls to give the room the “feel of a sun-splashed, warm room”.

14) Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace O-65

Benjamin Moore According to Nicole Green Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore is the most popular paint color. She shares that she finds herself returning to Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore over and over again to create bright white spaces that are welcoming and warm, rather than cold and sterile. This is my tried-and-true method in a sea of whites.
This white is subtle and cool in color. It’s a pure, clean white that provides a blank canvas. Rosa Beltran, a designer from Spain Modern in Los Angeles, used this color in all of her rooms.
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15) Sherwin Williams Extra White SW 7006

Sherwin Williams Extra White may appear a little blue depending on the lighting. It’s a beautiful, pure white that is so refreshing and clean. Robin Strickler says, “This color is crisply clean and not too stark.” It complements many interior styles. Buy Now

16) Benjamin Moore Dune White 968

Benjamin Moore
Janie Molster, designer, is in a “love affair” with Benjamin Moore’s Dune White. It has muted grayish-green undertones. She shared that she avoids whites that are too transparent and lack pigment. I like the Dune White’s knocked down elements. It’s a flattering, warm color both inside and out. It’s true white, with the dimming switch turned down.

17) Benjamin Moore Super White PM-1

Megan Tatem
Brighten up your space with Super White. Designer Tali Roth uses the super-cool Super White. She explains that it is too cool for some people’s tastes. Jon Call agrees that it is “perfect for me!” He notes that the coolness of this color reminds him of the Gagosian Gallery’s walls. He says that he loves the way this color makes furniture stand out as art.
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18) Benjamin Moore Calm OC-22

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore’s Calm has a warm gray undertone, giving it an inviting and warm feel. It can also adapt easily to its surroundings. Allison Babcock shares that Calm is sensitive to changes in lighting. It can adapt to any style, color scheme or room.
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19) Farrow & Ball All White Number. 2005

Megan Tatem
Alessandra Wood is Modsy’s vice president of style. Farrow & Ball’s All White is a pure white, and that’s why she loves it so much.
Brad Ford says, “It’s almost like a friend.” It is consistent in all lighting, but it can make a room glow in the afternoon.

20) C2 Cotton C2-836

Megan Tatem
C2 Cotton, a soft white with a hint of yellow, will highlight your home’s architectural details. Elizabeth Martin says, “It’s the perfect backdrop for wood. I love it in bedrooms.” It makes skin shine.
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21) Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White CC-20

Megan Tatem
Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White is a perfect blend of modern and cool whites. Ohara Davies-Gaetano says, “Nothing beats white walls that are clean and crisp.” It’s crisp and cool, which makes it the perfect backdrop for other colors in a room.
Decorator’s White can be used in any room that needs a bright, white hue. Jeff Andrews says that he uses it for ceilings and woodwork. Get it now

22) Benjamin Moore Paper White OC-55

Megan Tatem
Are you looking for the perfect white paint to paint your bathroom or kitchen? Katie Ridder loves Paper White because it has just the right amount of gray undertones. She says that Paper White blends the grays from Carrara marble with the stark white of the sinks and toilets. This will allow your beautiful stones to speak for themselves with a fresh coat of paint. Get it now

23) Farrow & Ballpointing No. 2003

Megan Tatem
Farrow & Ball’s Pointing is a warm ivory that Cathy Purple Cherry, Purple Cherry Architects, says is reminiscent “an old piece parchment paper”. She shares that she is drawn to “noncolors” such as Farrow & Ball’s Pointing. A sunny day can make the hues even brighter, adding a wonderful glow to a space.
Anne Maxwell Foster of Tilton Fenwick and Suysel DePedro Cunningham love this tint. It looks great in a sun-drenched farmhouse as well as a one-windowed bedroom in a city. The duo shared that this ivory is perfect for any setting, not too bright or too creamy. “We are all about finding that balance.” Purchase Now

24) Farrow & Ball Wimborne No. 239

Megan Tatem
Farrow & Ball’s Wimborne white has a hint of yellow but designer Amy Sklar insists that it is not too warm. She shared that it has a slight yellow tint, but not too warm. It just feels perfect and clean. It has a richness due to the depth of Farrow & Ball formulas. This is the white I prefer for traditional interiors.
You can give your white paint a little extra sparkle by using this technique. Suzanne Kasler suggests using this color in high-gloss for a modern and chic look.

25) Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee DEW341

Megan Tatem
Swiss Coffee is a classic and creamy white. It doesn’t have strong yellow or pink undertones. Trip Haenisch says that every home should have a living room. “In this space, I like white paint to create a backdrop for an incredible collection of art. It adds a pop of color.”

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