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Chris MottaliniWhen renovating a landmark building like New York’s San Remo it is important to strike the right balance between old and new. Husband Wife was hired to renovate the Upper West Side coop, which was designed in 1930 by Emery Roth. It has been home to residents such as Rita Hayworth and Bono. They wanted to preserve the original details and create a modern residence for a family of five.
They had been living in the Central Park-facing apartment since 2004 and seized the chance to expand the home of 2,000 square feet when another, 2,500-square foot unit became available. The original plan was to renovate the existing unit and gut it, but when we considered the project holistically, we ended up doing significant work in both apartments.” Justin Capuco, cofounder of the interiors and architecture firm along with Brittney Hart in 2015, explains.

Hart says that the entry preserves the original checkerboard-terrazzo flooring. Hart says that the clients had preserved the original terrazzo floor, trim and moldings, as well as doors and hardware. We wanted to keep this language intact. It feels more like one unit, rather than two.
Hart and Capuco are both architects and set out to design a family-friendly home that is both durable and sophisticated. While the kitchen, bathrooms, and more formal public spaces were left intact, the rest of the layout was modified to better fit the family’s needs. Hidden storage was used to store school supplies and other equipment.
One client says, “We didn’t want anything too expensive, but we also didn’t want it looking cookie-cutter.” “The kids can have their friends over without worrying about it getting damaged,” says one of the clients. We also wanted a family room that extended family and friends could gather in after Sunday dinners, or to watch a sporting event.

The family space also includes a wet bar and a pool table. Capuco notes that the rooms facing Central Park tend to be more formal. However, as you move away from Central Park it becomes more casual and more suitable for family members to live together.
Although there are many bright accents, the palette of formal spaces tends to be quiet and peaceful. Capuco says, “The park view is serene so we tried to create softness and a feeling of calm.” “Many walls have custom plaster or silk upholstery which gives them a nice texture.

Husband Wife kept it neutral and added colorful accents. Chris Mottalini The homeowner says, “I love vintage treasures so I wanted to mix old and new.” I like the idea that something old can be reused in a new home or time period.
The designers and their clients also scouted New York. They also found items in Paris, Milan and Paris. Hart says, “They travel a lot and love collecting, so it was important to create a framework that they could add to over the years.” Capuco adds, “Their amazing artwork collection was a great bonus.” It gives the home a rich, multi-layered feel while telling their story.

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