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Written By Jim J Neal

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Copper decor makes it easy to transition from summer to fall.

This time of year is my favorite, when the hot summer days give way to cooler fall days. After we’ve had enough of iced tea, we are ready to try spiced latte. When the bathing suits have been put away, the sweaters or boots are ready to go.

For a fall look, mix deep colors and metallic finishes with worn, natural and organic textures.

The season signals a shift in home decor. Warmer tones and hues will replace whites and soft pinks. I find it easier to bring copper decor elements to my kitchen.

It takes only a few pieces to make a shift in the kitchen.

Karen’s gray and white kitchen is complemented by the deep purple and pink hydrangeas. Copper adds a warm metallic accent. This is the perfect autumn decoration.

Apart from the fact I love to cook with copper pots, pans and the warmth they bring to my mostly white kitchen, My copper pots quickly transform the white marble backsplash from its clean, spring-like appearance into something that is more vibrant and colorful in the summer and fall.

Copper is my favorite metal. It doesn’t matter if it’s shiny or tarnished, but I love mixing them all.

Copper kitchenware can be beautiful and functional, whether it has a shiny new look or the patina from age.

The all-white display feels more fall-like when it is adorned with a few antique copper pieces.

The look is balanced by a touch of shiny copper on the cake stand. My favorite colander keeps the look intact to the island.

Mix metallics can be used to create a low-risk environment for the changing seasons and decor. Karen has already installed silver-toned kitchen fixtures, which blend well with the seasonal additions of copper metallic touches.

My kitchen got a few new pieces this year. Four polished copper canisters take up the space left by a galvanized tray. A shiny copper stockpot awaits the first soup of the year.

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Unfinished copper can easily tarnish to a beautiful patina.

A perfectly tarnished large copper pot that has been rusted is my favourite addition. It pairs beautifully with the beautiful purple-pink colors of the fall Hydrangea. The arrangement is softened by the addition of seeded Eucalyptus, which gives it a romantic touch and brings in the fall tones. Finally, an antique set of copper mugs has found a home inside my kitchen cabinet. They will be appearing on my holiday tables.

Karen uses marble throughout her year-round kitchen decor. The perfect copper cake plate for fall is the one with the marble top.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to transform a kitchen with just a few copper pieces. The perfect way to transition gently to fall is to use a new tone against a white background.

Karen Snyder writes about family, home and entertaining at Sanctuary Home. Her elegant country style inspires, educates, and encourages. You can follow her on Instagram.

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