Fine Homebuilding: A Modern, Affordable Prefab Home

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Written By Jim J Neal

Intended to broaden the builder’s market focus, this modern, 1380-sq.-ft. house is the inaugural prototype for a line of aesthetically interesting prefabricated homes that will allow the firm to grow their business beyond its current market niche of high-end custom projects.

Contrary to many homes built with modular components, this model illustrates how a prefab can be both cost-efficient and lovely to look at. Scandinavian-influenced touches include modern plywood panel details on the walls that use reasonably priced ash veneer finished in the builder’s own 30,000-sq.-ft. workshop, a recent acquisition whose capabilities were the impetus for branching out into prefab production.

kitchen with black cabinets and light wood table and island

The front hallway closet has a pair of rolling barn doors with natural paneling, and, in the kitchen, a custom-made wooden island is integrated alongside medium-density fiberboard cabinets dyed black to provide a color contrast. The remainder of the wooden features in the kitchen are white oak. Overall, a striking aesthetic is achieved economically.

wall with light wood paneling

In addition, the house has a bank of southward-facing glass windows, an outdoor open-air carport that sits under an outside wooden overhang, and starkly modern metal roofing and siding. Sealed tightly, the home is insulated and constructed in a way that provides optimum energy efficiency. Looking ahead, the builder’s plan is to create standardized models for these prefabs that come in different sizes to accommodate a wide range of family units and functions.

view of minimalist living room from the kitchen

closer view of the black cabinets and island in the kitchen

Builder Builder Silver Maple Construction,
Location Weybridge, Vt.
Photos Ryan Bent Photography

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