Fine Homebuilding is Energy Efficient at Multiple Levels

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Written By Jim J Neal

The contemporary Lake Champlain house combines modern design and technology with a sense for place. It was built on the foundations of an old house that had been razed. The 2790-sq.ft. house has a single-slope roof which follows the slope of road. It also includes two guest bedrooms and a study.
The main living areas are compact and airy, with a small garage and a spacious street-level garage. A primary bedroom suite and open loft can be found on the second floor above the garage. All interior spaces have lake views because of the linear layout.
The interior has an exposed steel frame that supports the roof structure and brace against shear forces. It features the same meticulous detailing and craftsmanship as the rest of the house. The deck is located on the west side of the living area and provides outdoor space for the main level. It also serves as a gateway to the lakeshore below. The homeowners and architects set out to achieve energy efficiency by installing a rooftop solar array, heat-pump mechanical systems and a thermal envelope that ties together with tight air-sealing and tight thermal sealing throughout.
Architect Brown + Davis Design, Builder Leach Construction of Vermont, Location Northern Vermont Photos Ryan Bent

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