Fine Homebuilding – The Only Paint Palette you’ll Ever Need

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Written By Jim J Neal

Paint stores, home centers, and hardware stores offer seemingly endless paint colors, combinations, and collections, along with an annual color of the year. You’d think there would be just the right color somewhere in their sea of swatches, but whenever I’m ready for my next paint purchase, I turn to Mylands Colours of London, a collection of 120 colors inspired by districts, landmarks, and people associated with the city of London.

Green cabinet next to an off-white wall
Cabinet: Messel No. 2, Walls: St. James No. 40

Mylands is a British paint manufacturer dating back to the late 19th century. Their products are marketed to the high-end luxury market, and while I can’t speak to the quality of their finishes, their color selections are the only ones I consider when choosing a paint color. If I can’t find the shade I’m looking for in this palette, I don’t need it. When I need paint for a project, I head to my local Sherwin-Williams store with my Colours of Londons swatch book in hand. They can easily scan my color of choice for a perfect match in any sheen. For visuals, I like to use a photo of their swatch book fanned open, along with a room shot from their photos. There are many to choose from which you can explore on their inspiration page.

Blue cabinet with pink knobs
Cabinetry: FTT 018

Red wall trim and side table with pink wall
Paneling: Theatre Land No. 282

The only US distributor of Mylands products—and the lone source for their swatch book and cards— is the Eagle Paint and Wallpaper store in New Jersey.

Photos courtesy of the manufacturer.

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