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Written By Jim J Neal

What is the Sweet 16?

Wall Assembly–Sweet 16, an international single-stage student wall assembly competition, is held every year by BS* and Beer of Kansas City and The School of Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades of George Brown College. Participants will be asked to design a wall assembly that fits their climate zone, while also considering six criteria. The emphasis is on applied building science.

Initiating the 2020 competition was created to reduce boredom during global lockdown. 16 teams of professional builders and architects competed against each other in this inaugural competition. In 2021, the second Sweet 16 emphasized the contributions of North American skilled-trade, architectural and design students.

We are returning for the exciting third running of the Wall Assembly-Sweet 16 (Student edition) in 2022. Our mission is to continue championing the ideas of young designers, architects, and tradespeople. Wall assemblies are an integral part of residential building envelope design and the basis of many students’ first application of building science. Wall assemblies are the main focus of this competition, but it is important to pay attention to connections and proposed assemblies for adjoining foundations and floors, roofs, and roofs.

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