Modern House in Trees: Fine Homebuilding

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Written By Jim J Neal

This house is located in Dallas’ Urban Reserve neighborhood, a collection of modern homes with views from tree-canopy trees. It sits on a 5000-sq.ft. lot that is different from other properties. The long view faces the street. There is also a 25-foot drop at the back into a ravine.

The architect had to solve a problem with only 30% of the lot being flat enough for building. He created a cantilevered design that suspended portions of the home (the staircase and the deck off to the back) over the edge to make space for the parking pad and kitchen. Upstairs is the main bedroom suite, laundry area, small office and two bedrooms sharing an en-suite bathroom. Although it was practical to place the home in the treeline, it inspired an idea for stunning aesthetics that link it back to the natural world. The A. Gruppo team created glass floors and expanses that highlight transparency, opening the home up to the views of the tree canopy. It makes it feel like a treehouse.

A. Gruppo Architecture Design Building, Dallas, Texas PhotosCharles Davis Smith FAIA

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