Adding Ikea Floating Shelves To Our Bedroom

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Written By Jim J Neal

For over a decade, one of our home renovation mantras has been “the middle makes no sense.” This term is used to describe not worrying if your house is mid-reno, not fully furnished, or otherwise in limbo. We suggest taking your time, trying something out, and just course correcting as you go. See what you like and what you use, and live with something for a little while (or a long while) to see what works for you and makes you happy. This particular corner of our bedroom was a perfect example of that mantra.

When we first moved in, this corner was simply furnished with furniture we already had. We had plans to build a closet here, but ended up putting a larger closet system elsewhere instead. This corner was also an option for a future second bathroom, but we decided to put this plan on hold. As a result, we were hesitant to do anything better with that corner, as it might all change later.

We then decided to extend our Ikea Besta cabinets so they’re truly wall-to-wall, build them in with trim and countertops, and add three long floating Ikea Lack shelves above them. This gave us a clean, modern look along with tons of functional storage. We lucked out that the Besta sizes fit perfectly along the wall, which was a small miracle due to the walls not meeting at a right angle.

We love how this corner looks now, and it feels like it’ll serve us for a very long time. We also added art and plants to our shelves, as we did with our two tall bookshelves upstairs. We used 75lb EZAncor anchors to hang the shelves, as they are quick and easy to install.

Overall, this corner has come a long way and we are happy to have a solution that looks good, provides plenty of storage, and doesn’t scream “this is our bedroom” from the doorway. This video is for anyone who wants to see the entire bedroom and how this new corner solution fits into the room as a whole.