Disco balls are the shameless new decor trend that will add some style.

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Written By Jim J Neal

Discover the best disco ball decor ideas to add a pop of fun and playfulness to your space.

If you’re looking to infuse some fun and flair into your space, look no further than these disco ball decor ideas. Decorating with disco balls gained momentum over the last few years but officially became trendy in 2021. Whether you want to add a splash of playfulness to your home or want to brighten up your space, incorporating one or more of these disco ball decor ideas can help you achieve that.

The best part? There’s a way to feature disco balls in your decor no matter what your aesthetic is. Whether your style is bohemian or elegant, maximalist or neutral, we’ve rounded up a few of the best disco ball decor ideas that stand out to us to help you get inspired.

Our Favorite Disco Ball Decor Ideas

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Are you on the hunt for a unique centerpiece that adds a pop of personality to your living space? If so, a disco ball checks every box. Just toss a disco ball in a woven basket on your coffee table, add in a few more favorites such as candles and plants, and you have a visually appealing display.

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Do you have a credenza in your dining room? Toss a disco ball on top for a healthy dose of sparkle and glamour. We love doing this to add some shine to our space for a dinner party.

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Making golden hour even more beautiful is as simple as adding a disco ball to your living room floor where the light will catch and reflect. The result is dozens of shimmering lights all over your space.

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Here’s one of our favorite disco ball decor ideas. If your home has a fireplace, place a disco ball on the hearth. Not only will this add visual interest, but it also makes use of a part of the fireplace that’s often left empty.

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Instead of piling on the pillows, try balancing a pillow with a couple of disco balls. The contrast in texture is eye-catching, plus it brings bright, lighthearted energy into your space. We love the contrast between the pink couch, teal pillow and sparkle of the disco balls.

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This space proves that, whether you’re a maximalist who loves the rainbow or a big fan of neutrals who prefers grounding colors and decor, there’s a way to make the disco ball decor trend work for you. The array of grays, silvers and taupes in the space perfectly complements the shine of a disco ball.

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If you needed yet another reason to believe your dining space needs a disco ball, this video gives you one. The light of the disco ball completes this cozy, laid-back space while adding some allure.

@the.orange.home let’s #discohome 🕺 linked disco balls & crystal in amazon storefront • #homedecorideas ♬ im obsessed – حسنا🇦🇫

We love how this creator incorporates disco balls in multiple rooms in their home, from the living room space to the dining area to their bedroom on their side table. It adds a thread of cohesiveness throughout the entire house while providing a pop of playfulness.

@kaylamandas pretty light this morning🕊 #barcart #barcartstyling #homedecor #discoball #AEMembersAlways ♬ Alice in Wonderland – Joanna Wang

Give your bar cart a dreamy update by adding—you guessed it—a disco ball. It looks beautiful with the antique glasses and adds a bit of flair to an otherwise neutral space.

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