Everything You Need To Know About Hatch Door Tables

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Each table is made of a salvaged shipdoor.

You’ve likely seen a circular metal indentation in the corners of tables if you’ve ever visited an antique shop in a maritime town or stayed at a beach-themed house. These tables can be used to transform a space, as well as being kitchen islands, coffee tables, or desks. This is a great way to incorporate subtle nautical elements into your decor. The reclaimed wood also has a lot of antique charm.

Reddit finally responded to a user who asked about the tables. These tables are hatch doors and were made from old ships.

What is a Hatch Door Table?

This is a table that was made with a hatch door. It’s a door that goes from the deck to the cargo area or lower part of the ship. Most hatch doors have a circular metal indent, or “hole”, with a handle to allow sailors to open them from the top. These doors are sturdy enough to withstand everyday use because of their size.

Although hatch doors are now a sought-after furniture item, they were once a way for carpenters and shipyard workers to reuse salvaged materials.

Is It Having a Purpose

The purpose of hatch door tables is to reuse old wood. They are cool and can be used to create a nautical look. You can find a hatch-door table in antique shops or on websites like eBay and Etsy.

You can also look for a salvaged hatch by yourself or enlist the help of someone who is skilled in carpentry. Be prepared to spend a lot before you begin looking. This is not the type of thing you will find at Goodwill.

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