I Know What I Want! (Yes, It’s Another Post About Doors)

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Written By Jim J Neal

As most of you are aware, I don’t work on Wednesdays. That’s the day that I have lunch with my mom and brother, and then host my church group at 5:30. So that’s why I don’t usually post about actual progress on Thursdays.

Yesterday, while we were having lunch at Rosa’s Cafe, my mom suggested that I use white French doors for the back entry of the studio. She thought that this would make the two curtain panels look cohesive. I was hesitant at first, but then she pointed out that I didn’t have to use the same color for all the doors. The back French doors could stand on their own, and I could use a different color for the two side doors. This gave me an idea of how I could make the two sides of the room cohesive.

So, I went home and started editing my photos to see what different colors would look like. I tried Behr Black Sapphire and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, but they weren’t quite what I was looking for. Then, I thought about what I could use from the mural wall in the front of the studio. I decided that wood would be the perfect option, so I tried adding two dark walnut doors. I was so excited when I saw how it looked!

Now I’m trying to figure out how to get the look without spending a lot of money. I considered using Retique It, but I’m not confident that it will look like real wood. Gel stain is also an option, but I don’t usually like the outcome. My last thought was to swap out my six-panel doors for unfinished wood slab doors and use the same Behr walnut stain that I used on the storage cabinet in our bathroom. That stain gave me a consistent color on both MDF and plywood surfaces.

I’m also considering purchasing real walnut veneer, but it’s very expensive. I’m hoping to find a way to get the look I want without spending too much money. I’m still undecided, but I’m sure I’ll come to a conclusion soon.
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