Studio Progress & Countertop Decision

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Written By Jim J Neal

After considering all the ideas given to me, I’ve decided to use hardwood flooring to create the extra-long countertop spanning 19.5 feet for my studio. There are a few reasons why I chose this option. Firstly, I’ve done this before in our walk-in pantry and it worked out great. So I know that it will work for this project as well. Secondly, it is a durable and solid wood surface, costing a fraction of the price of butcherblock. Thirdly, it is seamless and there will be no awkward seams or joints. Finally, it can be built in place, which would be impossible with a 20-foot butcherblock-style countertop.

Now I just need to decide on the specific wood species to use. I’m leaning towards white oak or maple as these do not have the red/pink undertones that red oak has.

I’m looking forward to seeing my vision come to life, and I’m excited to start painting the checkerboard design on the floor today. I hope you’ll join me on my DIY and decorating journey!