Study finds Drivers are adapting to high gas prices

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Written By Jim J Neal

U.S. drivers do everything they can to reduce gas prices, including driving less and putting off major purchases.

According to an American Automobile Association survey, nearly two-thirds (63%) of U.S. drivers changed their driving habits in March to reduce gas prices. Respondents reported that they drove less, combined errands, and reduced shopping or dining out.

Eighty-eight% of respondents said they drive less. Many respondents also reported that they are more likely to postpone or cancel travel plans or delay major purchases due to rising fuel prices.

AAA released the following statement: AAA interviewed 1,002 U.S. citizens aged 18 and older. Twenty-three per cent rated their lifestyle or driving changes as “major.”

AAA also offers advice on how to improve fuel efficiency such as keeping your tires fully inflated and only buying premium gas for vehicles that require it. Many websites and gas tracking apps can help you locate the lowest gas prices in your region.

The national average price for gasoline in the United States was $4.189 on August 1. This is up from $3.176 last year. According to AAA, the national average has dropped since June 14, when regular unleaded gas cost $5.016 per gallon.

California is the top state with an average price for regular at $5.588. The top five states were Hawaii (5.438), Alaska (5.075), Nevada (5.061) and Oregon (5.477). The lowest gas prices were found in Texas ($3.691), South Carolina ($3.741), Georgia ($3.741), Arkansas (3.752), and Tennessee ($3.758).

Home improvement is also affected by inflation. Due to increased demand and shortages in labor and materials, material and fuel costs, loan rates, and contractor availability have all changed significantly over the last two years. This domino effect led to slower new home construction, higher mortgage interest rates, and higher home sales cancellation rates.

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Alex Shoemaker
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