This Christmas Lights Charging cable makes phone charging more festive

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Written By Jim J Neal

This Christmas lights charging cable is gaining traction on Amazon—and for good reason. It’ll make all your days merry, bright and full of (battery) life.

Fhm Cewuidy Led Christmas Lights Charging Cable Ecomm Amazon.comFhm Cewuidy Led Christmas Lights Charging Cable Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

You might be thinking I already have a functioning phone charger and don’t need another one. But, really, can you ever have too many phone chargers? They’re especially handy when traveling around to visit family this holiday season. And if you’re going to need a travel charger (you are), then why not get one that captures the spirit of Christmas?

This LED Christmas Lights Charging Cable is just $10 on Amazon—and it makes a great gift for yourself and a cool stocking stuffer, too.

What Is an LED Christmas Lights Charging Cable?

This is not your standard phone charger. The Christmas lights charging cable comes with 10 multicolored LED lights that light up when the charger is in use. The charging cord is 50 inches long and features a USB-C cable type, which is compatible with most Apple and Android devices. Plus, it works wherever you are—including in the car.

How to Use an LED Christmas Lights Charging Cable

Use this Christmas Lights Charging cable to light up your center console with glowing LED lights while keeping your phone alive—which is a safety concern with impending winter road conditions.

We also like the way the charger looks placed on the kitchen counter, laid across a windowsill, around a keyboard in an office space and draped across a nightstand. Can you say adorable Christmas nightlight?

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Verified purchaser Lizz T. says, “I love this charger! It’s so festive. All the lights work, it’s a good length. The only thing I noticed was that it doesn’t act as an aux cord like other chargers do in my car, but I have Bluetooth capability, so it wasn’t an issue for me. Overall, I’ve had it for a month and haven’t had any problems, great product for the money!”

Five-star reviewer, E. Montgomery, says it’s great beyond the holiday season. “I will use these all year long. I leave them plugged into my work computer whether I’m charging or not, just for the festive look. Would buy again!”

Tracy T. loves them as stocking stuffers like we do. “Very festive and make a great stocking stuffer. Gave 3 of them out as such and the recipients all loved them.”

Where Can I Buy an LED Christmas Lights Charging Cable?

Cewuidy Led Christmas Lights Charging Cable Ecomm Amazon.comCewuidy Led Christmas Lights Charging Cable Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Ditch your boring charging cables this holiday season and try this LED Christmas Lights Charger. You can snag it on Amazon for just $10, or you can buy two for $18. Who would have thought that charging your phone could bring so much holiday cheer?

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