This Family Handyman Approved Painting Brush makes it easy to Cut in

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Written By Jim J Neal

Looking for a sleek paint brush that can be used with any paint or stain?  Look no further than the Family Handyman Approved Purdy XL Cub.

To some, painting may seem like the easiest thing in the world. But painting well requires a lot more than just rolling some paint on a wall.

You start by moving furniture and laying down drop cloths. Then you need to mask off trim, casings and millwork. Next, remove outlet and light switch covers, and fill and sand any holes or gouges with spackle. Then, delicately and accurately cut in with paint around your trim and in the corners.

Finally, and only at this point, can the roller come out to conquer the open expanses of your walls. And this assumes you only need one coat.

Of the entire painting process, cutting-in as my least favorite. You must be precise and thorough, all the while contorting your body on the floor or up on a ladder. With a long overdue repaint of my upstairs bathroom looming, I was excited to give the Purdy XL Cub brush a try.

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What is the Purdy XL Cub?

The Purdy XL Cub brush is a compact edging and cut-in brush, part of Purdy’s most versatile, all-around line of brushes. The XL Cub has an angled, two-inch wide, nylon and polyester brush, recommended for all paints and stains.

At slightly more than eight inches, the compressed size of this brush is real draw. The stubby, ergonomic handle and overall slender design feels nimble and natural — a perfect feeling to start off a weekend of painting.

How I Tested it

My plaster upstairs bathroom walls were in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. I put it off because of the daunting amount of cutting in and painting in tight spaces required. I needed to edge an entire perimeter of subway tiles, a floor-to-ceiling tile shower and an arch-shaped built-in medicine cabinet, as well as electrical fixtures and outlets.

I figured this would be the perfect test for the Purdy XL Cub. But I also wanted to try the XL Cub on some smooth, non-plaster walls, so I tackled a sheet-rocked bedroom in our finished basement. After completing all the necessary prep work, I got ready for my most hated task — cutting in.

Performance Review

Fh22d Approved Purdy brushes 04 01 002Fh22d Approved Purdy brushes 04 01 002Family Handyman

Anyone with an older home knows lathe and plaster walls are a headache.  They take more time and work for simple tasks like hanging a picture frame or coat hook, and especially more time to paint.  Even if the plaster walls have a smooth, drywall-like finish, the corners where adjacent walls and the ceiling come together are dotted with age-old troweling imperfections from when the house was built.

The Purdy XL Cub brush allows swiftly and artfully cut-in painting due to its compact design and small ergonomic shape. This was somewhat lost on my bathroom project because of the constant back-brushing and padding required to paint plaster walls.

But the brush worked great anyway!  The plush, semi-stiff, nylon and polyester bristles were easily controlled and held plenty of paint for the finicky cut-in process. The short handle and two-inch angled brush made painting in tight spaces, like behind the door or around light fixtures, a breeze.

The brush worked as advertised on the sheet-rocked bedroom walls. The angled bristle shape allowed me to perfectly pool and draw the paint while cutting in around the windows and trim.

Paint brushes often feel cumbersome if the brush is too wide or the handle too long. Not the Purdy XL Cub.  Not once did my hand cramp or feel fatigued while painting multiple rooms. It’s compressed design and two-inch angled brush made this the most comfortable paint brush that I can ever remember using!

Why You Should Buy This

Paint brushes are straightforward tools. The Purdy XL Cub’s quality materials, comfortable ergonomic shape and superb craftsmanship make it a desirable addition to your painting tool kit. It’s recommended for all paint and stains. If properly stored and cleaned, it will be useful for years to come.

Where to Buy the Purdy XL Cub

Purdy Xl Cub 2 In Angle Trim Brush Nylon Polyester Blend Paint Brush Ecomm Lowes.comPurdy Xl Cub 2 In Angle Trim Brush Nylon Polyester Blend Paint Brush Ecomm Lowes.comVia Merchant

The Purdy XL Cub is available at Lowe’s, Walmart, Ace Hardware, and at

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