This mop-and-broom holder instantly clears clutter from your cleaning closet or garage

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Never again will you lean your broom against the wall! This wall-mounted tool holder will organize your life.

To keep your garage clutter-free, vertical broom hangers are essential. It’s easy to organize your closet with a wall-mounted mop or broom holder. The Berry Ave. Mop and Broom Holder is a top-rated product with 53,000 Amazon reviews. It also has a low price that you won’t be able to resist.

What is a Berry Ave. Mop & Broom Holder and How Does It Work?

Berry Ave. Broom & Garden Accessories holder is a great product for under $15. It organizes everything. It mounts easily to garage walls, sheds and utility rooms. Although it is described as a mop-and-broom holder it can also hold garden hoes, rakes and shears. This commercial-grade hanger is 35 pounds in weight, making it easy to store multiple sturdy tools at once. Double rubber-gripped spring loaded slots can store wet mops and dusty rakes as well as muddy baseball bats. You can also choose from a range of colors, including white, gray, and beige, to match almost any wall.

How to use a mop and broom holder

A Berry Ave. Mop & Broom Holder is a great way to keep clutter off the floors and to prevent safety hazards. This can be used to organize foyer closets, preventing clunky umbrellas and taking up valuable space. You can also use it to organize your garage by putting all your garden tools in one spot on your wall. It is lightweight at half a pound, and comes with all the anchors and screws required to mount it. It is noted by reviewers that it takes only five minutes to mount on most walls.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

One five-star Amazon reviewer said, “Absolutely love the product.” “I was cleaning out my laundry room and needed to organize my brooms and mops. It did the job perfectly! It was easy to install and very strong. You will love the hooks!

Rob, another Amazon verified purchaser writes: “I’m repeat customer!” To organize my garden tools, such as the hoe, cultivator and shovel, I bought one broom holder. I used the holder to organize the garden tools in my garage. By rotating the tools’ tops up and down, the holder was easy to fit the tools in. It was so good that I bought another one to keep the other items. Hooks are great for holding gloves, and simple plastic bags can be used to store things. It was easy to install. It was easy to put together without the need for a drill.

Another verified Amazon customer said, “I love this little gadget!” “I used to stack my mop and broom in my laundry area corner. But now they hang in my garage. It’s so simple to grab a mop or broom; they slide out. This product is amazing!

Where can I buy a Berry Ave. mop & broom holder?

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Amazon has the Berry Ave. Mop & Broom Holder in sets of one to four. You can find a mop and broom holders with an additional small holder for as low as $20. This attachment is highly recommended by athletes who use it to hang their tennis racquets or baseball bats. This attachment is a great option for organizing sporting equipment.

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