This Popular Picture Hanging Tool is a Must-Have For Beginner DIYers

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Written By Jim J Neal

Never hang a crooked picture again. This easy picture-hanging tool turns even the most novice DIYers into art-displaying pros!

Adding artwork to bare walls is one of the easiest home design projects—if you know a few hanging hacks. The top-rated Go Hang It Pro combines leveling, screw storage and hanging all in one clever tool for DIYers. Amazon reviewers and TikTok users can’t stop raving about how easy it is to use and we have to agree.

With over 5,000 Amazon ratings and a nearly perfect 4.5-star average, it’s a home improvement item everyone should have on hand. Plus, it’s a brilliant budget-friendly gift for handy types.

What’s the Go Hang It Pro?

Gohangit Via Gohangit.comGohangit Via Gohangit.comvia merchant

The Go Hang It Pro is an all-in-one picture hanging and leveling tool. It comes with all the hardware and fasteners necessary to hang framed pictures quickly and easily. One of the best home improvement items for novice DIYers, this affordable gadget makes hanging just about anything a snap. The ergonomic handle also makes it simple for most hand sizes to grasp.

Though the device was designed with framed artwork and pictures in mind, it also works on quick-mounted shelving. Reviewers note that it also works on home office bulletin and dry-erase boards—consider hanging one next to your best standing desk to organize the home office.

How To Use a Go Hang It Pro

Using this genius hanging tool starts with attaching the included hangers to the back of the picture you want to hang. The instructions state you probably don’t need to measure, but we thing it’s always a good idea to make sure the hangers align properly.

To get started, remove the two magnetic keys. One of the Go Hang It Pro’s most popular features, the magnekeys attach magnetically to the hangers. Place the level on the frame’s upper edge while holding the picture up to the wall. This step ensures a level, even hang. Then press the top edge towards the wall so the magnekeys leave a little divot or mark indicating where to nail.

The process for wire hooks and D-hooks is pretty similar, making this nifty gadget one of the best basic tools for DIY projects.

Product Features

Back Of Gohangit Ecomm Via Gohangit.comBack Of Gohangit Ecomm Via Gohangit.comvia merchant

The massive 85-piece kit comes with everything you need to hang and level a variety of hooks. It’s compatible with sawtooth, wire and D-ring hardware and includes the following:

  • ‎Magnekeys
  • Detachable level
  • Hardware case with silicon strap
  • Six D-Ring hangers
  • Eight feet of picture-hanging wire
  • 10 nails (1.75 x 25)
  • 10 nails (2.0 x 30)
  • 12 single-notch precision hangers
  • 10 picture hooks (10-pound weight limit)
  • Eight picture hooks (20-pound weight limit)
  • Four picture hooks (30-pound weight limit)
  • 24 #6 3/8-inch self-taping screws

The Best Amazon User Reviews

One happy Amazon verified purchaser, AHutchinson says, “This product is genius. It saves so much time by not having to measure between hangers and haul out the big level. Just clip the ‘keys’ to the hangers and push gently into the wall. This forms a divot to guide where the picture hangers will go. It’s super easy to use to build a collage from a starting point.”

“This has been such an amazing purchase,” writes Amber McKee, another verified Amazon purchaser. “We love pictures and art on the wall, and hanging them with this get-up makes it a snap. It was a total impulse buy on my end, and there are no regrets here!”

“As someone who constantly moves (military family), hanging pictures up in every new house is a pain,” writes another verified Amazon purchaser, Erniegirl. “It’s usually the last thing I do. With my latest move, the Go Hang It took all of the frustration out of hanging things on the wall. The little kit in the back has come in handy several times to repair the back of some photos. I love it! My favorite purchase ever!”

Where To Buy It

71tsevkkyll. Ac Sl1500 71tsevkkyll. Ac Sl1500 via merchant

The Go Hang It Pro is available on Amazon for under $40, which is a deal, given the amount of use this brilliant gadget gets. With all the included hooks and parts, it’s an unbeatable steal that saves both time and money. If you want one for yourself, don’t hesitate. Is there anything more satisfying than hanging your picture properly on the first try?

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