What Will Happen To My Blog When I’m Finished With The House?

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Written By Jim J Neal

I’ve been talking a lot lately about how I’m finally getting started on the interior of our house, and once this room (my studio) is done, I will have officially finished all of the interior rooms of our home. But I get a lot of questions from people asking me what I’m going to do with my blog when I’m finished with the studio. So let me assure you that while I’m almost officially done with the interior of our house, I have plenty of projects still to do. Here’s what I have planned:

The Studio and Studio Bathroom: This room is a big project and I would really like to get this done by mid-August of this year (our 10-year anniversary of purchasing this house).

The Hallway Bathroom: I want to make several changes to this room, including new countertops, accent tile, sconces, shower curtain, plumbing fixtures, and vanity color.

The Guest Bedroom: I plan to continue the hand-drawn flower design around the upper part of the other two walls and then add white wainscoting to the bottom of all three walls. I also need to build a frame for the bed.

The Kitchen: I want to get rid of the dishwasher and replace the concrete countertops with quartz.

The Addition: This project is still in the works, but when it does happen, I’ll have a family room, bedroom, and laundry room to finish.

The House Exterior: I need to finish up the painting, reinstall the tape lights, and finish the stone skirting on the front porch. I also want to build window flower boxes for the windows on the front of our house, put up a pergola above the breakfast room windows, and build steps and finish up the area by the side studio door. I need to finish the carport with a painted exterior, finished ceiling, and lighting.

The Yard Projects & Landscaping: I have a landscaping plan that I want to work on for the rest of my life, and that I can continue to work on for years to come.

The Small Projects: I have so many ideas saved in other places that I can share with others and teach them how to make. I could probably spend an entire decade or two just doing small fun building projects, art projects, sewing projects, etc.

And that’s it! I’m excited to continue my DIY and decorating journey, and I hope you’ll join me. If you want to follow my projects and progress, you can subscribe below and have each new post delivered to your email inbox. That way you’ll never miss a thing!
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