What you need to know about Air Duct Cleaning

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What is an air duct cleaning? This is what a professional will discuss.

Adam Bonine, owner of Fresh Air Vents and a professional ductcleaner, used a large vacuum hose to clean my home’s ductwork. He was hired recently to clean my 15-year-old house’s air ducts. Here’s his approach to the job.

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Do You Need to Clean Your Home’s Ducts?

“Yes. Bonine states that if your house becomes dirty, your ducts will get dirty as well. Fresh Air Vents is his commercial and residential cleaning company based in St. Paul.

How often should your air ducts be cleaned?

Bonine states, “That is a personal preference — people have different sensitivities.” The National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommends that duct cleaning be done every two to four years. This may seem excessive, so I recommend that your ducts be cleaned every three to five year.

You should clean your ducts more frequently if you have a large family or pets.

What are the Indicators for Dirty Ducts

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He says, “If your furnace filter is getting dirty more frequently than usual, it’s likely that your ducts have become dirty.” Remove the cover from the return vent and inspect it with a flashlight. Dirt can build up in these unfiltered ducts.

What tools are used to clean air ducts?

He says, “My main tool” is a vacuum. It has a 31-horsepower engine and a fan that pulls dirt and dust out of your home. The vacuum can move 7,000 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). It also creates negative pressure in your home during cleaning.

“We agitate and disturb the ducts. The ducts are then opened by snagging tools with compressed air. As we move inside, the vacuum pulls out more. For precleaning, I use a HEPA filter backpack vacuum.

What Can Homeowners Expect from Clean Ducts

Bonine replies, “People ask me, “Is my home going to be dirty after I’m done cleaning?” “No. Not at all. It will feel and look cleaner with a noticeable decrease in dust.

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Additional Tips for Cleaning Air Ducts

  • Your furnace will work more efficiently if you have duct cleaned.
  • It is not possible to clean all ductwork.
  • Avoid services that market chemical biocide treatment.
  • Talk to a professional who can explain the process and how it works.
  • How much does it cost? Prices range from $450 to $1,999
  • It is important to change your furnace filter regularly!

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