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Written By Jim J Neal

An apprentice electrician shows us her favourite tools.

Maggie Rogosienski began her career as an electrician, hoping to get her life back on track. She’s now in her third year as an electrician apprentice and is already making waves by sharing her journey to the trades via social media.

These are the essential tools Rogosienski uses on her journey to becoming an electrician.

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Klein Tools Side-Cutter Lineman’s Pliers

A pair of quality lineman’s scissors is essential for every electrician. Rogosienski loves the Klein Tools pair because they can pull, cut and crimp wire terminals. Rogosienski also likes the “heavy-duty grip” for non-slip tasks, especially when your hands begin to sweat.

Multimeter Electric Test Kit

An electrician’s safety concern is knowing which wires carry an electric charge. Rogosienski trusts in the multimeter electric test kit. The flashlight is built into the kit so that she can see exactly which wires are hot in even the darkest junction boxes.

Channellock Pliers

This 9-1/2-in. plier is Rogosienski’s favorite. Channellock set. Although it’s not the most flashy thing in your toolbox, its non-slip teeth and comfortable grip make it an excellent choice for many applications.

Cougar Paws Performer

Sometimes even electricians have to work on roofs. Cougar Paws Performer boots are Rogosienski’s choice when she has to climb shingles. These boots feature a patent-pending grip technology that helps keep you stable while absorbing heat from asphalt roofs.

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Company Cam

Modern electricians require modern tools. Rogosienski uses the smartphone app Company Cam. Rogosienski uses the app to document job sites, create reports, and organize her work. Her iPhone is also a favorite tool for her to communicate with clients more effectively.

Rogosienski said, “My iPhone13 ProMax camera is such a great zoom lens I can use it for showing cracks in roofing shingles to homeowners without them having to go up on the roof.”

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