Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid Of Your Old TV Cables

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Written By Jim J Neal

There are many benefits to keeping your old coaxial or ethernet cables.

It is common for multiple rooms to be set up for cable TV or ethernet in houses built before streaming was available. All cables are snipped across basement ceilings. With streaming increasing and wireless internet access growing, cable TV cord-cutting has become more common. Our home’s wiring requirements are changing as well.

It might be tempting to get rid of all those ugly cords if you have never touched the junction box. You can get rid of all the coaxial cables and ethernet wires that are in your basement and walls. These wires are safe because they don’t carry any electricity.

But, wait. But wait.

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Connection Speed

Old ethernet cables can dramatically increase the speed for any devices that have an ethernet port. A wired Ethernet connection is much faster than simple WiFi connections. It’s more reliable, secure, and more reliable than WiFi connections. A wired connection can provide better connectivity if you have a multi-story house.

Important to remember is that an ethernet cable may not be capable of keeping up with the latest internet technology if it is too old. The current standard for ethernet cables is Cat6. This allows data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps (gigabytes per sec). These speeds won’t work with older Cat5e and Cat5e Ethernet cables. You should ensure that your cable is up-to-date if you want to connect a device with a lightning fast internet connection.

Ethernet over Power

A second thing is “power over Ethernet” (PoE), which may be useful in your home. PoE allows power and data to be delivered over one cable. Although it’s not a new technology, it’s not mainstream.

PoE could be used for powering a newer TV or videoconferencing system, as well as a security camera. It is likely to become more popular in schools and offices, but it could also be used to power your home. It can only transmit a limited amount of current. Standard Cat5, an older version of Ethernet cable, can carry up to 100 Watts. A PoE Injector, or other equipment, and a skilled installer are required.

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Ethernet Over Coax

What about that coax cable, you ask? If you sell your house, it could be of value. An adapter can be used to run “ethernet over copper” as well. Coax wiring is capable of handling high-bandwidth video signals. This makes it useful for online gaming and videoconference calls. You will need an EoC (multimedia over coaxial alliance), adapter.

These cables may not be used right now, but you should consider yourself fortunate to have them. Many homeowners don’t.

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