Fastener System – Deck Fascia Board Expansion

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Written By Jim J Neal

Fascia boards are usually added last to finish a deck. PVC and composite deck fascia boards are not able to expand and contract with the seasons. This can cause boards to warp or twist. Starborn’s Deckfast Fascia System includes a drill bit and fasteners that allow you to make a large hole for movement. It also includes a color-matched head screw that creates a seamless look.

This product is for deck fascia boards up to 1/2 in. To 3/4 in. The system’s concept is straightforward: first, use the tool to drill a hole larger than the shank of your screw. Next, insert the screw into the hole so that it meets the board. The screw head covers the large hole, while still allowing movement. The fascia board is attached to the rim joist by floating on it. A stop collar prevents you from drilling too deeply, and a rubber bumper protects your expensive composite material against any damage or burnishing.

Headcote stainless screws or epoxy-coated screws complete the system. Starborn even offers a virtual tool on its website that allows you color-match fasteners depending on the type of decking or manufacturer. Stainless screws measure 9in. Stainless screws measure 9in. By 1- 7/8 in.

The tool can be purchased at, for $22. You can also purchase the epoxy-coated screws at the site for $16 per 100, and $26 per 100.

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