Fine Homebuilding in a Small, Problem-Solving Zone

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Written By Jim J Neal

My furniture-maker friend Matt Kenney used the 4-in. Lee Valley Precision Double-square, which I may have thought was adorable, but then he allowed me to handle it. The precise machining and straight edges made it possible to make a fine pencil line, making it very easy for me.

Although I don’t know if my patience will ever allow me to make fine furniture, this little square proves just as useful for finishing carpentry and built ins as it is for fine woodenworking.

A typical 12-in. blade. The combo square is not very user-friendly. It can also be difficult to use when marking a 14 in. reveals on a trim or extension jamb. This can lead to poor measurements and poor work. This 4-in. This square is ideal for smaller measurements and won’t add much weight to your toolbelt. The adjustment mechanism locks securely and is silky smooth.

A 6-in. version of the Precision Double Square is also possible. version. Both fractional squares can be graduated to 18 in., 116 in., 132 in., or 164 in. scales. If you are looking to improve your finish-carpentry skills, I recommend these tools. They both cost around $50. It will be a wise investment.