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Written By Jim J Neal

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I made it a priority to cover our southeast-facing deck, which measures 10 ft by 45 ft, when we built our house. I wanted protection from the summer heat and rain. We knew that the cooler nights of spring and fall would be followed by the arrival of bugs and mosquitoes. After using the Screeneze System for another project, I was able to source the materials and plan how to make our deck a screened porch.

Screeneze has the advantage of being able to create custom screens panels up to 150 square feet. Screeneze panels can be up to 150 sq. ft. wide in the field. Five panels were required for the build: two at 80 square feet and two at 115 sq. ft., two at 115 sq. ft. and one at 90 sq. ft. Screeneze’s core component is the aluminum track with the vinyl cap. It holds the screen in place and is available in eight-foot and twelve-foot lengths. The screen can be placed horizontally or vertically on the corner of the screened porch frame, or flush with the wood framing.

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To attach the track, I used cedar 2×4 framing to cover the deck boards and porch ceiling. I added vertical panel dividers between the 6×6 wrapped posts that support my porch roof. The corner-mount method was used to install the track. I chose to miter the corners rather than using the corner plinth kits. Screeneze’s plinth block would be my second choice if I had to do it again. This allows you to cut the track ends square and speeds up the installation.

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The first screen panel was cut to 6 inches. The screen panel was 6 in. This screen was not enough to hold onto while tensioning the vinyl caps. The rest I cut 12 inches. The panels were larger in each direction, which made it easier to install the rest of the four panels. We were able to install all of our screening in just two hours, with very little need for retensioning. The upper sections of the side track near the corner proved to be difficult to tighten, but we still managed to accomplish it. We installed the Screeneze track, wood frames, and screening in two weekends at a cost of less than $2000.

The cost of the track and screen was $3 per square foot. Screens are approximately 34 ft.

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