James Hardie, Modern Siding

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Written By Jim J Neal

We moved into our new home last spring. This was a great opportunity to make several changes to the exterior. The color was changed from hunter green, to Arctic White. We also switched the siding material from cedar, to James Hardie siding. This transformed the home’s overall look. It was the right decision, and I am able to say it now. It is a beautiful addition to our home. We love the aesthetics and quality of it.

Reimagined Exterior

James Hardie Industries has launched the Hardie Architectural collection, a new, integrated solution that combines fiber-cement panels with metal trims. This modern, integrated solution combines Hardie fiber cement technology’s trusted protection and durability to deliver fresh looks. Hardie products are known for their superior home protection and low maintenance. Woodpeckers are no more a problem.

Sea Grass, Sculpted Clay

Hardie Architectural Collection was created in collaboration with architects. It includes five textures that are inspired by nature to create a modern exterior look: Fine Sand and Fine Sand-Grooved; Mounded Sand; Sea Grass; and Sculpted Clay.

Beyond the Woodgrain

This expansion is the largest yet. It goes beyond woodgrain finishes and allows homeowners to re-imagine their home. These options will positively impact the market at a time where severe weather is a growing concern and homeowners want to personalize and modernize homes.

The collection is priced comparable to other high-value James Hardie products and competitive with the marketplace, due to the unique benefits they offer in design flexibility, durable performance and ease of installation.

Hardie Architectural Panels are available in Fine Sand, Fine Sand Grooved and Mounded Sand textures in the Pacific Northwest, Southeast and later in the year.


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