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Written By Jim J Neal

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Framing is difficult enough. If I can avoid wearing my framing equipment for one day, it will be a blessing in my shoulders. I need only a few tools for most tasks. I tried my back pocket but it took too much time to find the right tool for production work. So I decided to make a small pouch that I could attach to my belt.

The Occidental Leather 5523 clip-on tool holder was a four-in-one. It can hold a tape, pencil, small tools such as a screwdriver and snips, or pliers. It’s great that I don’t have to remove my pants to use the belt clip. Although it takes some stretching, the tape holder can hold a pro-scale 25ft. tape. I took out the plastic protector that comes with the main compartment to protect sharp tools. It would have taken a lot of wear to break through the leather pouch, so I removed it. My utility knife is stored in what I believe to be a belt loop. Side sleeves are used for my pencil and 4-in. Combination square is all I carry. I remove the clip and toss it in my truck at the end of each day.

The $40 Occidental 55323 is a great option for everything without having to worry about your shoulders. It was a mistake that I did not buy it ten years ago. Its sturdy construction makes me wonder who I will leave it to in my will.

Andrew Grace, a Ligonier, Pa. remodeler

Fine Homebuilding #309