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Written By Jim J Neal

There are many things that could go wrong on a project. But everyone knows that it is time to roll the trusses. Although roof framing is easier with engineered trusses, it can still be a hassle to drag 16-ft. 2x4s up buildings to brace and level the trusses. The TrussBrace system by FastenMaster is a better option than the traditional method of preparing a structure for its big day. It’s easier to install and requires less material.

TrussBrace is a steel brace which, when installed between trusses creates a triangle of strength. The TrussBrace supports the truss horizontally as well as diagonally. TrussBrace’s unique feature is the ability to install the metal braces by walking along the bottom chord instead of climbing up and around to reach its peak. The best part about TrussBrace is the fact that you don’t need to climb up and down to install braces. Instead, you can use your cat’s paws to pull nails or remove wood bracing. Just run your sheathing directly over the braces. This is safer for your crew, saves you time and money, and creates a stronger roof.

The TrussBRACE system can be found at your local lumberyard.

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