Track Lighting for Functional Ambiance – Fine Homebuilding

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Written By Jim J Neal

It might seem like a luxury to have under cabinet or shelf lighting. At least that was how it felt in my kitchen remodeling. It was a great addition to my home and a practical choice for busy spaces.

Richelieu’s Vario Power Track System is a shelf lighting system that offers all the benefits of functional lighting, but without adding bulk to areas such as closets, kitchens, and other storage areas. This system uses a single source to power all lights on the track. This eliminates cables from the view, resulting in a clean and uncluttered look. Because the shelf is connected to the rail, it can be easily adjusted. This is a great option for carpenters who only need a groove to fit the track on one side of a closet or cabinet.

The Vario Power Track System, made from aluminum and available in black and white finishes to match any aesthetic, is compatible with either linear or LED puck lights. Prices start at $238 for a single shelf.

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