Upgrade your Window Air Conditioner – Fine Homebuilding

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Written By Jim J Neal

Although window air conditioners may not be what we think of when building new homes, many people live in older homes and condos that need them. Even older homes may need extra cooling. AC units are essential, but not many people love the idea of having one installed in a window. They often distract from indoor design and take up valuable space that can be used for outside views.

The market has recently seen a revolutionary option for single or double-hung windows. July’s air conditioner comes in six standard colors, such as Sunset or Cloud, as well as three premium finishes, such as Linen and Ash Wood. This product can be used with any room design, not against it. Clear plexiglass side panels are also available to allow residents to keep as much as possible of the window view.

July is available in two sizes. The small size costs 6000 btu and can be used for rooms up to 250 square feet. ft. while the medium costs 8000 btu to heat rooms larger than 350 sq. ft. The medium size has a notable feature: It uses R32 as a refrigerant which produces less emissions that other air-conditioning units. July comes standard with a washable filter. Additional filters can be bought for greater air purification.

A small July starts from $479, while a medium July starts at $529. You can reserve one unit now for $50, as units sell quickly. You can return it at any time before delivery, and you have a 30-day trial period to ensure that everything is in order. Trade professionals can apply to the July Trade Program for discounts on orders.


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