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Written By Jim J Neal

PEX was used to replace the copper water supply lines in my kitchen. Apollo’s Tectite brass push to-connect valve fittings were used to connect the new supply lines. They fit two shutoffs in one fitting. If the supply is interrupted at any one of the shut-offs, you can still use the sink and appliances. You can still use the dishwasher if the water supply to the sink is cut to repair.

Each valve has a 1/2-in. Push-to-connect fitting at the inlet and two 3/8 inch. o.d. Compression fittings with quarter-turn shutoff valves at the outlet. One outlet connects to the faucet, while the other is connected to the water line leading to the refrigerator. One outlet is connected to the faucet, the other to water line that leads to the dishwasher.

The inline dual outlet supply-stop fittings FSBDVS1238C made it easy to connect supply lines, even in tight spaces. Push-to-connect inlets are compatible with 1/2-in. Copper, CPVC or PEX are the most commonly used faucet supply lines and tubing. An alternative version of this fitting is available. These connections are easy to make and require no special tools. The quarter-turn shutoff valves for ball valves work flawlessly.

They cost $46 for two fittings. Although they are more expensive than standard shutoff valves in terms of cost, I believe their ease-of-use, versatility and smooth operation make them worth every penny.

Photos by Rodney Diaz

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